Why Choose a Fine Art Photographer for Your Wedding in Portugal

As you choose your destination wedding photographer, it is easy to get lost in all different photography styles. I am a fine art wedding photographer in Portugal, and in today's post, I’d like to share with you why I consider fine art photography to be the best choice for your wedding day.


From the very first photograph I took, I knew I wanted to be a fine art photographer. Through my almost 10-year experience, first as a portrait and eventually as a wedding photographer, I have heard quite a lot of doubts, comments or even criticism about continuing to work in fine art photography, not evolving along with the trends, not trying to stand out and be more original, etc. However, regardless of all these comments, I have never changed my mind. And the more destination weddings I shoot, the more I am convinced that fine art photography is the best choice for your wedding, especially if you decide to celebrate your elopement or wedding in Portugal.

So let’s see in this post what makes fine art photography and weddings such a perfect marriage.

To begin with, I believe it is important to understand what fine art photography is. This style of photography is renowned for its emphasis on beauty, elegance and aesthetic appeal.


As a fine art photographer, I aim to create visually flawless images, paying great attention to details, composition and lighting. Fine art photography is usually defined by natural light and colors, bright and airy images, and a timeless film look. The classic and enduring quality of fine art potos ensures that your wedding album remains a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. Fine art photography transcends trends, creating images that are as relevant and beautiful today as they will be in the future.


As a fine art photographer, I mostly work with natural light and keep the colors candid and soft while editing, often inspired by film photography. That is why this style of photography is so loved by couples celebrating their weddings outdoors, as the photos convey the beautiful palettes and textures of the nature around.

If you are having your wedding in Portugal, whether you choose the sunny Algarve venues, or one of the Sintra palaces or a a quinta in Douro valley, it is very likely that most of your celebration will take place outdoors, at a beautiful wedding venue with a breathtaking view, and you will definitely want to remember the emerald hues of Portugal countryside or the soft pastel tones and textures of Portugal coastline. And no other photography style will be able to depict it as beautifully as fine art.


Fine art photography places a strong emphasis on storytelling. As I capture the unfolding emotions of the wedding day, I try to create a visual story of your love and your special day. I seek to portray the genuine love and emotions shared between the couple, as well as the emotional connections with family and friends.

With an emphasis on aesthetics, storytelling, and timeless quality, fine art photography is undoubtedly the best choice for couples who seek to turn their wedding memories into everlasting works of art. Fine art photography is beyond trends, it is elegant, and classic, yet candid and vibrant, just like your wedding in Portugal will be.

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