— irina odoardi

Over the last years I’ve been priveleged to photograph destination weddings and elopements of exceptional couples, celebrating their love in the most beautiful locations in Italy and Portugal. 


My love for people and my constant wanderlust have formed my passion for photography, which turned from a long lasted hobby into a full time job as I moved to Europe a few years ago. I am lucky to call home and work in two incredibly beautiful countries, Italy and Portugal, and I am always happy to discover new destinations.


My style of photography is defined by natural colors, flattering light, simple compositions, soft textures and your raw emotions.

I love timeless photos with candid laughs and strong hugs, transmitting the vibe of the moment and your feelings in the most beautiful, yet organic way.


Meeting beautiful souls, capturing your genuine emotions, being a part of your special day and making your happy moments last through time, is the biggest reward I get from being a photographer.


I strongly believe that it is the person behind the lens that you should choose as your photographer, as it is through the photographer's eyes and soul that you gonna remember your day.  


Please, feel free to contact me for any inquiry.